5 Tips to Resolve Conflict (Before it Gets Out of Control)

Avoiding a conflict won’t get you anywhere. Here’s what you need to do to nip it in the bud.

Resolución de conflictosEscribe Paul Spiegelman en Inc.com, recogido en la web de CEDE–I’m sure you spend a lot of time dealing with conflicts between employees at your company.  Sometimes I think I should have gotten a masters in psychology, rather than a law degree.  Those who earned an MBA anticipating a career as an entrepreneur probably never fathomed the time and energy that would go into managing the varied personalities on a team.

Over the years, I’ve tried different methods to resolve conflicts between employees, including acting as an arbiter, staying out of the situation completely, or even taking one side.  But, along the way, I realized that what holds people back in business is the same thing that holds them back in personal relationships: We’re all afraid to talk.

We seem to do everything we can to avoid conflict and the person we’re conflicted with.  What results? Unresolved issues, misperceptions about another person’s intentions, escalated negativity, and an overall lack of progress.  So my simple solution when you are engaged in a conflict or managing the conflict between others: Talk.

Here are five techniques to make sure a conversation happens as soon as possible.

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