The credit rating agencies are leading an assault on nations and peoples

Escribe esta crónica Martin Kettle del diario londinense The Guardian. Trata (en inglés) del papel de los credit rating agencies en el asalto a la economía española, un tema no menos escandaloso por ser poco conocido.

How many of Spain’s 46 million population could tell you anything about the middle-aged German woman who holds their country’s hard-won democratic sovereignty and economic future in her hands today; whose judgments will decide whether millions of hardworking Spaniards can stay in their jobs or pay off their mortgages through 2011 and beyond; and whose negative verdict on the Spanish economy would trigger not just a programme of austerity measures that would dwarf those already imposed on Greece and Ireland but could prove to be the beginning of the end for the eurozone itself?

Not many of them, one fancies, since the middle-aged German woman playing God over one of the greatest of all European nations is not Angela Merkel… That accolade belongs instead to the shadowy figure of Kathrin Muehlbronner, a polyglot economics graduate of the university of Tübingen who, it is tempting to say, may exert more reactionary influence over Spanish life than any woman since Queen Isabella drove out the Moors, expelled the Jews and put the Inquisition at the centre of the nation more than half a millennium ago. How so? Muehlbronner is a vice–president and senior sovereign risk analyst specialising in Spain at Moody’s credit ratings agency. That makes her the woman whose say-so can plunge Spain into the unknown by the simple act of declaring that Europe’s fifth largest economy no longer merits its Aa1 rating.
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