Jeffrey Hollender and THE RESPONSIBILITY REVOLUTION: How The Next Generation Of

El Boletín Electrónico del portal de la confederación CEDE nos brinda este artículo escrito por Francesca Rheannon sobre la Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR), un tema que no deja de cobrar relevancia día a día. 
Jeffrey Hollender is a man on a mission: «to inspire a more conscious and sustainable world by being an authentic force for positive change.» That’s the mission statement of the company he cofounded twenty two years ago: the green cleaning products company Seventh Generation, Inc. The mission is also embodied in the company’s name, Hollender says. «We must consider our impact on the next seven generations in every deliberation and we make,» he told me when I called him up to talk to him about the new book he’s co-authored with Bill Breen, THE RESPONSIBILITY REVOLUTION. And with the book, he’s inviting other companies to join him.
Unlike a lot of business books which tend to put me to sleep with their seven (or ten) ways of improving the bottom line, this book kept my interest because it goes beyond building a better company to building a better capitalism for everybody. For Hollender, that better capitalism is rooted in the notion of primary responsibility to stakeholders, rather than putting shareholders first.
Ver artículo completo (en inglés) en CSR

Ver artículo completo (en inglés) en CSR

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