10 key technologies for 2013 to help optimise the web-enabled customer journey


Sabio’s Consultancy Practice highlights importance of effective web, social media, multimedia, apps and mobile-optimised sites in delivering integrated customer service experience

Un artículo de la web de Sabio.co.uk, recogido en el Boletín Electrónico de CEDE–LONDON – 5th December, 2012 – Sabio, the specialist contact centre and unified communications systems integrator, has identified 10 key technologies that will help organisations optimise their Web-enabled customer journey during 2013 and beyond.

According to Sabio’s Head of Consulting, Stuart Dorman: "With Web access now widely available as a fourth utility, and with a growing number of users now engaging with organisations via their smartphones and tablets, customer service providers need to ensure that processes are Web-enabled at every stage of the customer journey. This not only demands that e-commerce and customer service operations work effectively in partnership, but also that the right Web technologies are in place to support customers before, during and after voice interactions.

"Whether organisations like it or not, technologies such as social media, mobile-optimised websites and apps are disrupting traditional customer service approaches," continued Stuart. "Today’s best practice operations are differentiating themselves through the smart deployment of technologies that strengthen customer engagement, and that’s only going to accelerate throughout 2013. The good news for service providers, however, is that the benefits from these technologies flow both ways – with customers taking advantage of faster, more engaging and more successful interactions while organisations enjoy lower contact costs and greater customer loyalty."

Sabio’s Top Ten Web-enabled Customer Service Technologies are based on findings gathered over the last year during engagements with leading organisations.

Sabio’s Top Ten list for 2013 covers:

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